Our recruitment process consists of 3 steps. Follow them and start your career in Impulsa.


When considering an employment opportunity within Impulsa, we invite you to develop and / or update your Curriculum Vitae. Through him, we can get a first impression of you and your skills, achievements and experience.


We seek to find the perfect combination between the profile of the candidate and the skills and competencies necessary for the position. We use a series of techniques that allow us to have a deep vision of your skills and experience.

Through interviews based on behaviors and technical evaluations, we managed to get to know you and understand your potential within the company. This is also the opportunity for you to meet us, ask everything you want to know about Impulsa and the position to which you are applying.

If you are selected to occupy a position within Impulsa, we will make sure to be one of the most important professional pillars of your career and that you are very successful in your role.

During your first days of work, we will seek to integrate you quickly and making you feel part of this great family.



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