The leaders of Impulsa, Managers and Directors, have a common purpose: to generate the vision and the necessary strategy to achieve a positive impact in each business initiative. In addition, they guarantee through the development of our talent and the execution of the projects, that the established goals and objectives are achieved. The talent that integrates our leadership team has extensive experience in their area of expertise and strong influence skills, coaching and team development.


Our team of directors is made up of leaders committed to the satisfaction of our clients, with the development of the work team and with generating a positive impact in each business initiative.


Being part of the leadership team of Impulsa implies living and permeating at all levels of the organization, the ethical and professional values that govern our culture. We are looking for talent capable of demonstrating strong strategic thinking skills, decision making and team development. The directors of Impulsa are experts in their area of expertise, which is why we look for talent with a Bachelor's degree and a Postgraduate degree, in addition to a solid professional career.

"I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by talented people"

"Working at Impulsa has been the most challenging and fastest-growing professional experience in my career, while at the same time I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by talented people and get involved in very high-level projects". 

— María Fernanda Reinoso, , Director of attraction and talent development '16